WME was founded by John E. Douglas Sr. and is a non-profit organization incorporated in the year of 1958 in the state of Texas for missionary and evangelistic purposes in accordance with the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matthew 29:19-20 and Mark 16:15-18).

Our vision is to evangelize the world through Christian missions and compassionate outreach.

Our ministry outreach began with 7 orphan children in India and quickly grew to thousands of destitute children and families around the world. Since those early days WME has been serving children and communities with the love and compassion of God.

WME’s evangelistic mission is to build and equip native churches, sponsor native missionaries, support Bible schools, provide gospel materials (Bibles, tracts, children’s VBS activities and banners) and provide church equipment (PA systems, tents, musical instruments and chairs).

WME’s compassion outreach is to develop projects and relief to impoverished communities, sponsor suffering children and orphans, establish WME Children’s Homes, WME Feeding and Learning Centers, food distribution to desperate people, low-income housing for the homeless and assistance to help stabilize family households. Education is another important aspect of our outreach to children. WME has been very effective in assisting children in primary and secondary education, building schools, pre-school centers, vocation training and scholarship programs for young adults to attain higher education. WME’s primary health care, medical and dental clinics, corrective surguries (facial deformities, corrective eye and limb surguries, and emergency care for injuries and disease) have also been life changing efforts for those in need. WME water wells, farms, farm animals and agricultural programs benefit the children and communities we serve. These programs provide WME missions with the resources needed to generate food and income to support some of our outreach.

In each aspect of World Missionary Evangelism’s ministry, the primary aim is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through the efforts of Christian missions, compassionate provision and community involvement. Our passionate witness of the love of God is expressed not only in our words but in our actions. World Missionary Evangelism is committed to bringing true transformation to the communities and families we serve.

The primary source of support to WME is voluntary contributions from individuals, organizations and churches located in the United States and Canada. Hundreds of thousands of hurting people have benefited from the prayers and financial support of compassionate people here in the USA and abroad.


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